After-party Cleaning – The General Outlines

People often ask me with a naughty twinkle in their eyes which parties are likely to produce the bigger mess – the corporate or the home ones. You may be surprised by the answer, but the big social events at home often go on the wild side, leaving wine, beer or any other type of alcohol stains, not to mention the chips or popcorn crumbs, the ketchup or mustard spots and so on.

If I had to point out the one big difference between the two types of jobs, it is the temporal point of emphasis. Corporate customers concentrate almost single-mindedly on what their premises look like BEFORE the occasion – they know the first impression is the most lasting one, and therefore our job as carpet cleaners is to pamper their floor coverings to the best shape possible.

Homeowners, on the contrary, exclusively worry about the condition of their carpets AFTER the party – often for a good reason. I cannot remember a single time when a residential customer has called us to clean their carpets before a birthday party – it doesn’t even make sense.

Whatever the party aftermath you have to deal with, UKE Carpet Cleaners is always a great choice to do the ugly sanitary tasks for you!

Posted by Elizabeth Smith